Kill Frenzy: crossing borders on first tour

Kill Frenzy: image courtesy of Killkenny Photography

Cape Town, South Africa: 2018 circuit beast Kill Frenzy is outgrowing the city limits. The four-man thrash/punk metal onslaught is readying itself for not only it’s first tour outside of Cape Town, but also a trip to play in neighbouring Botswana with old friends, Remuda.

Kill Frenzy in Johannesburg and Palapye, Botswana

Kill Frenzy hit the live circuit with relentless fury in 2017, earning itself a slot at M4A‘s WinterFest’18. In May, band members hosted two visitors from neighbouring countries; Remuda, visiting from Botswana, and Norbormide from Mozambique. For both visitors it was a first time playing in Cape Town, with Kill Frenzy as host plus other local bands. This stands testament to the determination and vision encapsulated within the Kill Frenzy camp, further explained by a band member:

“I just feel that in the metal scene it is important to network and make friends along the way so we can help each other out. We brought Remuda here and they returned the favor by inviting us to play at ‘Rock The Nation’, which is a great gesture. And we feel that we have made long term friends in other bands across our borders. Which I think is great for development both personally and for the industry. We should do more to get bands together from both other parts of our country and from other countries. There’s life out there in terms of heavy music, we just don’t know about it” ~ Guthrie Garnham (guitar, Kill Frenzy)

En route to the show in Palapye, Botswana, Kill Frenzy will stop off for a show at Rumours Rock City.

Tour dates & details:

Thursday 27 September @ Rumours Rock City, Johannesburg.
With Brafcharge, Major Affective Disorder and Misled.

Friday 28 & Saturday 29 September @ Rock The Nation, Palapye
With Chaos Doctrine (RSA), Barren Barrel, Deadline (RSA), Dust n Fire, Evagren, Humanitarian, Norbormide (MOZ), Overthrust, Raven in Flesh, Remuda, Samehunduans, Vehemont and Vultures of the Seventh Planet.

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