Monuments: return to South Africa, two cities


Monuments return to South Africa in 2019

Johannesburg, South Africa: on the eve of hosting its tour for the Ukraine’s Jinjer, Turning Tricks Entertainment is already announcing the next international visitor to South Africa: Monuments, from the UK. Monuments is a modern progressive metal band and no stranger to South Africa. The English act already performed in Johannesburg at the Krank’d Up festival in 2015, alongside 36 Crazyfists and a host of local metal and rock acts.

Turning Tricks Entertainment tell us that Monuments will return to South Africa to play once more to Gauteng fans; but this time will also visit Cape Town.

Monuments: Phronesis Tour

Monuments is riding hard on the momentum of it’s third full length studio album, Phronesis; released on October 5th last year. Touring for Phronesis has already taken Monuments to mainland Europe and Australia/New Zealand. South African progressive rock band, Deity’s Muse, will join Monuments for a few dates in the UK during July before both bands head to the Cape Town and Centurion:

09 August @ Mercury Live, Cape Town, with support from
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10 August @ Platteland, Centurion
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