The Necrogenesis Tour: Creating The Godform & Rhakshah

The Necrogenesis Tour 2018

Cape Town, South Africa: two fresh and lively acts are working hard to impress a national footprint on the South African extreme Metal scene. Creating The Godform and Rhakshah join forces this summer to bring The Necrogenesis Tour to four South African cities. These include Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth before coming home to a show in Cape Town.

“The Necrogenesis National Tour is the first milestone to a larger goal we are working towards. It means a great deal to both bands having to share our music across the nation to locals that have either been anticipating us or never heard of us before. It’s the beginning of a new experience for both bands and most definitely a first for most South Africans to experience new sub genres live.” ~ Sherlic White (guitar, Creating The Godform)

Creating The Godform has two releases out already, including the 2016 Odium EP, plus a full length released in January this year; Eve of Hollow Mass. The band describes itself as an amalgamation of Brutal Beatdown, Deathcore and Slam.

Rhakshah arrived on the live scene “offically” in 2018 with a performance at M4A‘s SummerFest’18. This all-star band is joining the tour to celebrate its The Solemn Fracture debut album launch. Rhakshah‘s sound is an onslaught of more modern-contemporary ideals, characterized in particular by crunchy growls and flashy guitar work.

The Necrogenesis Tour: four cities

30 November @ The Music Kitchen, Port Elizabeth
With: Creating The Godform, Rhakshah, Monolith & All We’ve Known

01 December @ Rumours Rock City, Johannesburg
With: Creating The Godform, Rhakshah, Riddlebreak, Bleeding Spawn, Insidious Reign, Deadline & Hypergiant A.E.

02 December @ Warriors, Bloemfontein
With: Creating The Godform, Rhakshah & Posthumous

07 December @ Mercury Live, Cape Town
With: Creating The Godform, Rhakshah, Megalodon, Treehouse Burning & Last One Alive

Tickets can be acquired in advance via Quicket, or at the door at each venue.

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