Peasant: EU tour announced, August 2019


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Cape Town, South Africa: local Hardcore champion Peasant prepares for its very first intercontinental tour. Peasant, armed with a brand new album (due for release later this month), is joining up with Sweden’s Prescriptiondeath for a thirteen-day blitz across Europe. Countries visited will include: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria.

Peasant & Prescriptiondeath

This tour sees a powerful union between extreme North and extreme South; Prescriptiondeath being based in Gävle, Sweden and Peasant from Cape Town South Africa. Prescriptiondeath describes itself as being fast and violent Hardcore. Peasant celebrates punk roots, although finds itself growing towards a more metallic and Hardcore direction with two recent inclusions into the band; those being a new vocalist plus a second guitarist.

Peasant 2019 EU Tour

Members from both bands met when Prescriptiondeath visited South Africa for a slew of shows in 2017. For our own lads, this will be the band’s first time abroad:

“Yes its our first time outside SA! The objective for the tour is to go over, have fun and sell some records. It’s a fully DIY venture that our tourmate, Robin Hansson of Prescriptiondeath, has largely put together. Through Noisefix Prescriptiondeath got to tour SA with Boargazm two years ago, and we had a ‘Secret Sunday’ show with a braai for the guys. We all got on real well, so the choice of touring with them was an obvious one. We can’t wait to hit up some new turf and do our thing!” ~ Pieter Jordaan (guitar, Peasant)

New album coming soon

Mentioned earlier, Peasant is hitting the road to promote a brand new album. Unrest Eternal is due on 28 June 2019. Roastin’ Records is offering the release as a 12″ vinyl and pre-orders are open now! The band promised us more news on this to come very soon.

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