Temples On Mars: SA ‘Homecoming’ tour for some members

Temples On Mars

London, United Kingdom: we enjoyed a long-distance chat with one of the two South African members of UK’s Temples On Mars earlier in 2018. The occasion was to help us home bound Saffers to join in the celebration of a brand new album. With half of the band being from here, we are always eager to know what our own are up to on distant shores.

Temples On Mars: South African tour, 2019

Of course, the alluring pull of home is always a strong one. This progressively inclined Rock/Metal band celebrates the first year of its existence as Temples On Mars (previous incarnation being Agent) with a visit to South Africa.

“2018 has been a busy year, with the release of our debut album and a busy live schedule. Only fitting to go full steam ahead into 2019 with a tour of half the bands Motherland, the scene is thriving in SA with amazing local bands and a great amount of international touring acts pulling in.” ~ Darren Carikas (bass/backing vocals, Temples On Mars)

The tour will include four dates, beginning in Darrens original home city of Cape Town where he was a founding member of The Spindle Sect. The Spindle Sect is also noted for its performance collaborations with Inge Beckman in the early days; the singer who went on to chisel her name in SA music history as the singer for Lark.

Temples On Mars will then continue its South African journey through Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Johannesburg as follows:

25 January @ Mercury Live, Cape Town
Local support by Lithium, Last One Alive and Black Moscow
26 January @ Pool City (Walmer), Port Elizabeth
Local support by All We’ve Known
01 February @ Arcade Empire, Pretoria
Local support by Go The Rodeo and Savage Lucy
02 February @ Rumours Rock City, Johannesburg
Local support by Deity’s Muse, Climate Control and Dirty Moonshine

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Temples On Mars 2019 SA tour