Vulvodynia: first Australian tour, locked and loaded

 Vulvodynia 2019 Photographer Claudine van der Walt
Vulvodynia: image courtesy of Claudine van der Walt

Johannesburg, South Africa: SA’s most prominent Brutal Death Metal export continues to slay in 2019 with another venture abroad taking shape; this time to “Down Under”. Say hello, Australia!

Australia’s Borderline Bookings and Vulvodynia‘s Czech-based label, Lacerated Enemy Records, announced tour dates this morning. The band is riding hard on the momentum of it’s 2019 album release with Mob Justice, and the November visit to Australia will mean shows in four continents this year. These include Europe, North America and homely Africa.

“Super excited to play Australia! Some my favourite bands are from there. Touring the southern hemisphere is always a great vibe.” ~ Chris van der Walt (bass guitar, Vulvodynia)

Vulvodynia: Australian Tour Dates

Friday 8/11 – Crowbar, Brisbane 18+
Saturday 9/11 The Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle 18+
Sunday 10/11 Crowbar, Sydney 18+
Monday 11/11 The Music Foundry, Wollongong AA
Tuesday 12/11 The Basement, Canberra 18+
Friday 15/11 Enigma Bar, Adelaide 18 +

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Vulvodynia 2019 Mob Justice Austlian tour

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