Deadline: Confessions of a .45, music video

Deadline: Confessions of a .45

Deadline 2019 Confessions of a 45

Pretoria, South Africa: Black Wolf City’s top-6 citizens are back in the news today! Heavy Metal band Deadline releases a music video for ‘Confessions of a .45’, taken from its 2017 debut album, Black Wolf City.

This video brings Deadline‘s Black Wolf City album cycle to a close, with new material aggressively in the works for 2020. Get the whole Black Wolf City album via Bandcamp.

Deadline: Confessions of a .45

Deadline: Confessions of a .45

Track four from the album, ‘Confessions of a .45 takes a chilling look at life from the perspective of a lethal weapon.

“We wanted to bring an inanimate object to life and have this object take on human form and share with the listener its woes, ideas and thoughts. I think a gun is perfect for this. Imagine if a gun could speak, it would be able to tell you as the listener many a tale.” ~ Jesse Switchblade (vocals, Deadline)

With the weapon personified, Deadline set out to render this abstract concept into a video. Band members recruited Videographer Juan Smit from JDS Media Solutions, and his assistant Marek Szatkowski for the task before heading out to Villa Fantasia.

“We recorded this video in an old mansion just outside Pretoria in Cullinan called Villa Fantasia. The mansion was built in the 1940’s by old Italian war prisoners and was modelled on Mussolini’s mansion back in Italy. The place holds such a rich sense of history and culture, but it was also eerie with many closed doors and historic props. We did not know what could pop out from the dark corners at any time!” ~ Jesse Switchblade

Catch Deadline live at: Deathworm!

Deadline will hit the road for a mini-tour before the end of 2020, which includes two cities as follows:

Friday 06 December @ Mercury Live in Cape Town
With: Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, Peasant and Rhakshah

Saturday 07 December @ Wolmer Rock City in Pretoria
With: Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, Riddlebreak and Human Nebula

Deadline: Confessions of a .45

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Deadline 2019 by David Devo Oosthuizen
Deadline 2019: photograph by David Devo Oosthuizen
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