‘Die Dood’ comes to life with new release

Die Dood Sieleherder

In South Africa, the general presence of heavy metal is so underground that even we metalheads sometimes forget about some of the niche sub-genre’s right here under our noses. In fact, there are a handful of artists pushed so very far underground, it can be mused that they are closer to the fiery pits of hell than they are to their surface-dwelling brethren. One such shadowy entity can be identified as Die Dood; translated directly from our South African language of Afrikaans (similar to Dutch) as “The Dead“. The sub-genre is described by the artist as “ambient atmospheric black metal meditation music”.

Unbeknownst to many in South Africa, Die Dood release the album Sieleherder (Shepard of souls) to the international underground today on 06 November 2014, via a Russian-based independent label. More on Die Dood and the Sieleherder can be found at the band’s official facebook page.

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