Wacken Metal Battle SA: 2019 battle lines are drawn

Wacken Metal Battle South Africa 2019 official

Johannesburg, South Africa: with the new year underway, local promoters around the world are wasting no time on getting started with the 2019 Wacken Metal Battle. This international competition sees metal communities in up to thirty countries putting their better foot forward each year.

The prize? To be crowned “worlds best in up-and-coming Metal entertainment”. The competition is a matter of significance in national pride, as South Africa knows well enough from 2016 when our own Zombies Ate My Girlfriend brought home the title for that year. In the four years South Africa has participated, our representatives have always ranked at least within the top half.

Wacken Metal Battle SA: 2019

However, the journey to Germany begins at home. South African bands are mobilizing across eight cities and ten heats to battle for the national title, and the right to represent SA at Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. Wacken Open Air is the worlds largest and most significant festival of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock genres, with a history spanning more than a quarter of a century.

South African heats include:

25 January @ Rumours Rock City, Cresta, Johannesburg
26 January @ Aandklas, Hatfield, Pretoria
01 February @ Thrashers Skate Park, Pretoria
02 February @ Pool City, Walmer, Port Elizabeth
08 February @ AJ’s Pub, Weltevredenpark
09 February @ Sundowners, Alberton, Johannesburg
16 February @ The Winston Pub, Durban
01 March @ Mercury Live, Cape Town
02 March @ Aandklas, Stellenbosch

Wacken Metal Battle South Africa – The Finals

As per recent years, the finals will be hosted once again at Rumours Rock City in Cresta, Johannesburg. This year’s date is 27 April where nine of South Africa’s finest will vie for the top pick. All funds raised from patrons supporting each of the heats and the finals are collected for the benefit of the traveling band. South Africa, as one of the long-distance participants, relies heavily on public support; with the community here never disappointing.

“I think we’re one of the countries with the most heats and participating bands. I stand to be corrected on that, but I’m excited to share South African Metal bands with the world in 2019!” ~ Sashquita Northey (SA coordinator, Wacken Metal Battle/Emayth)

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend 2016 Wacken Metal Battle
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend live at Wacken Open Air, 2016

Bands participating in 2019, arranged in alphabetical order, include:
Abbaddon, Abhorrent Anomaly, Aimed at You, All We’ve Known, Altar Of Bones, Become the Watcher, Bleeding Spawn, Bogdan, Cruci-Fiction, Dead Circuit, DeamHorth, Demogoroth Satanum, Disarmageddon, Doomed Since Birth, Facing the Gallows, Feed The Beneath, FenrisWulf, Forsaking Fate, Hiraeth, HOKUM, Holo, Human Nebula, Hypergiant A.E., Imperious Vision, Inner Drive, Khoja, Kill Frenzy, Kings Of Improg, Ma-at, Major Affective Disorder, Marene, My Columbine, Omentum, Pink Lippz, Posthumous, Pyjama Planet, Resurrection of Fetal Remains, Rhakshah, Riddlebreak, Skinstripper, Terramarda, The Faithful Syndicate, The Fallen Prophets, Thread of Omen and Your Cynical Sanity.

Below is a footage video of Zombies Ate My Girlfriend performing the victorious set in Germnay, 2016.

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