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More about metal4africa

www.metal4africa.com (or M4A) is a website intended to serve as a global news gateway to African Metal.

Even today, the world knows very little about the mysteries and myths regarding what early explorers termed ‘The Dark Continent’. To a degree, Africa is still a ‘dark’ continent. It captivates the imagination of many people, opening minds to every manner of fantasy. In a modern world, this perception has served our (African) tourism industry very well; however, it does cripple other industries.

Africa, like many regions around the globe, celebrates a rich and diverse heavy metal sub-culture. We have our own history in metal spanning more than three decades, plus a host of our own champions who battle the odds to feed those hungry for Heavy Metal! Regretfully, this is largely unknown to the rest of the world and our bands struggle forward in an under-developed industry, seeking the light of day. We hope that this website will honor those bands, as well as their supporters who appear in the form of: fans; friends; promoters; photographers; writers, and; various other businesses who have opened up windows of opportunity.

International visitors

If you are an international visitor, then please use this website as a resource to study our continent’s contribution to the global metal scene. Share knowledge of our offerings with your friends. We know that the “truest of the true” will find great joy in learning about African Metal bands. Or potentially plan your visit around one or more of the recurring annual events.

Our key focus in the “News” section is to document significant releases of albums, EPs, videos, or even just to keep updated with upcoming material and tours, etc. “Community Interest” is more about matters of interest probably to locals. “Affiliates” is dedicated to link you to other operatives within the African space whose work we have grown to admire.

African visitors

If you are an African, then use this site as a platform from which to showcase your art to the world. Share your ideas, music, venues and anything heavy metal with us. Let’s build a stronger community. Help us to create unity between all nations, religions and cultures!

A brief history of metal4africa

M4A was begun within the realm of Myspace in September 2006. Two metal enthusiasts living in Cape Town believed in the potential of local artists. The vision was to create a ‘hub’ whereby local (African) and international visitors could get a first-hand account of Metal music in Africa. It was simple! On one page, names and links of all known active bands were gathered and presented to visitors; which evolved quickly into news and updates. The concept enjoyed immediate local success, and grew steadily over the months that followed.

It did not take long before the creators decided to expand the project into the realm of live entertainment. On June 16th, 2007, the first M4A-hosted event took place, titled: A Showcase of African Metal. It pulled a larger crowd than Cape Town metal had ever seen for a purely local/Metal show before. Unfortunately, only one month later on July 16th, David Heidmann (R.I.P 1980 – 2007) passed away as a result of terminal illness. M4A became a one-man-operation for a time, continued by Patrick Davidson.

Although the myspace activity passed along with Dave, Patrick continued under the Darkfiend alias to ply his talents towards the ‘events department’. By the second event, titled SummerFest’08, M4A ticket sales began to surpass those of international metal artists who had visited the region. The event concept developed into a SummerFest and WinterFest bi-annual rotation; each time drawing bands from various parts of the country to present the “showcase” promised by the organizer.

Event Purpose

M4A has never aspired to become an “events company”. It maintains the bi-annual events purely as means to connect with the community with whom the website aims to interact and serve. The concept behind M4A events has always been to include a strong representation of metal bands, ranging from new to old, from different regions, and including the many layers of sub-genre that is inherent in Metal music. But mostly, it is to provide bands with a professional, high-standard platform from which to pursue their ambitions; something which is very, very scarce in Africa. In short, the vision has always been to serve the African metal community in its conquest toward global recognition. Perhaps one could call it a perfect stepping stone between the club circuit and bigger, better things.

Where are we now?

In 2009, M4A came online as the news website it is today, with it’s formal label upgraded to www.metal4africa.com (although it still more widely referred to simply as M4A). Its chief contributor remains the same person who founded the organization in 2006 along with his late friend. The site, however, remains open to contributions from the wider community and now includes a team of committed departmental leaders. Patrick has gradually developed his skills as a journalist/writer, whereas his first love, events, has shifted towards other hands.

Since 2009, management and leadership of the organization sits in the hands of a committee and is run in principle as a non-profit entity. The website itself is not orientated towards generating funds, and the event funds get paid out to the participating bands. Patrick Davidson runs a separate fund-raising initiative to serve his personal needs in continuing his work at M4A, known as the True Believers membership club (more info/sign-up to help here).

The objective of this organization is to facilitate growth and unification within the African metal community. We are at your service!